One On One

What Do You Get?

Join me and I will take you through 6 role play factfinds. I will be your client and you will advise me on my protection needs. 

Maybe you want to brush up on your communication skills, or possibly make sure that you are effectively spotting the protection needs of your clients.

The One on One course is a place for you to test your knowledge and skills, without fear of judgement.

When you first start out as an adviser it can be a bit daunting, not knowing if you are looking at client situations in the right way, and if you know enough about the market do them a good job in getting the best cover. You might be an experienced adviser or just be dabbling in protection, and want a bit of support to check that you are on the right track. 

I will be assessing your product knowledge, soft skills, factfinding techniques and recommendation.

I will also be checking your ability to react to unexpected circumstances!

6 Role Plays – How It Works

The role plays work with us taking up to one hour for you to test your factfinding skills on me.

  • Each week you will know some basic information about your client (me!) and you will then test your factfinding skills with me.

  • After the session you will then write a letter of recommendation to me, to explain your advice.

  • Each week I will give you feedback on your factfind, communications and recommendation.

  • Each week the client’s will become more complicated, so that you can learn from and apply the pointers that I have given you, on previous weeks.

Sessions will take place once per week.

What Are the Costs?

£1,800 per person

incl VAT

Why It’s Worth It

A lot of the time training focuses on compliance, or products, or advice. But these are all interconnected, you cannot do any of them, without knowing the rest. 

This is where Protection Insurance In Practice stands out. 

You are getting:

  • 6 hours to test your knowledge and skills, within 6 different client role plays
  • Training from a multi-award winning protection adviser
  • Assessment of your factfinding and communication techniques
  • Assessment of your recommendations
  • Feedback and pointers on how to improve your ability to meet your client’s protection needs
Kathryn Knowles speaking at the Protection Review conference
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