Protection Insurance in Practice

12 Week Course

In this course you will learn more about protection insurance, sales techniques and how to complete those pesky compliance requirements.

I will also help you to develop your soft skills, showing you how to spot the need for protection insurance through client case studies and a live role play factfind.

One on One

You might be someone that feels quite confident in your understanding of protection insurance, but just want a bit of an outside view of your recommendation and your communication techniques.

I will go through 6 role play case studies with you, to test your skills and knowledge. These are booked upon request.

I am now offering the course as a Pick n Mix offer!!!

You can now buy 1 session, 3 sessions or 5 sessions if you want to. 

Group discounts are available and super simple.  Buy 2 places, bring along a colleague for free!

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Why Choose Advice for Advisers?

I am a multi-award winning protection insurance adviser, known for bringing a human touch to the insurance world.

I joined the insurance industry in 2010 after completing my PhD in Business Management. I have worked in administration, compliance, advising and training, all of which give me key insights into the best ways to support a client.

I will help you to develop your understanding of protection insurance and skills to engage with clients.

I will lead you through sessions on how to build a protection recommendation, with key points to make sure you are getting to know your clients and how to handle compliance requirements.

Moving through personal, business and group life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, I will help you to understand the opportunities to discuss protection cover with your clients. 

There will also be dedicated sessions on how to develop soft skills, so that you know how to use the right language when having sensitive conversations. I will be exploring different health conditions, discussing underwriting considerations, client case studies and conducting a live factfind role play.

As well as the live interactive sessions with me, you will be able to quiz me and seek advice from colleagues in a private social community group.

Custom Requests

The Protection Insurance in Practice course is a set 13 hours that covers compliance, sales techniques, communications, product knowledge, client recommendations and underwriting insights, plus much more!

But maybe you have a specific training need?

You might want to focus on income protection, or communication techniques, or ways to spot and support a vulnerable client.

You might want to take part in 2, 6 or 8 of the session and not all 12.

If this is you, please get in touch and we can talk about building a custom training package.

I’m here to help you to improve your offering that lead to better client outcomes.

My Awards

Protection Review Award 2018
Award logo for winning Protection Adviser of the Year
Award logo for female Diversity Champion
Kathryn Knowles award for championing diversity within insurance from Next Gen Planners
Yorkshire Financial Awards 2021
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I am the owner of Cura Financial Services, alongside my husband Alan Knowles. Our insurance brokerage has won multiple awards for our dedication to improving access to insurance.

Many of our clients are living with health conditions, that has meant that accessing protection insurance has been difficult for them. This has naturally led us to develop a team that is highly focused upon active listening, soft skills and understanding the underwriting of client risks.

We provide advice for personal, business and group life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, within the UK and internationally.

I am a founder and host of the Practical Protection Podcast, a place where you can gain key tips about protection insurance.

This includes episodes on specific health conditions such as mental health, diabetes, HIV, cancer, epilepsy and more. Industry experts join the podcast regularly to give their insights into how the insurance market is operating, the way that protection insurance is a vital part of a person’s long-term financial security, and the importance of signposting across the entire financial sector.

I am regularly joined by Roy McLoughlin (independent financial adviser) and Matt Rann (consultant underwriter), so that we can provide balanced expert views to our listeners, that include reinsurers, insurers, advisers, charities and the general public.

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This course is approved and accredited by CPD UK thanks to Octomembers. It is also an approved accredited course through the Initiative of Financial Wellbeing.